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Does the landing gear go down accidentally while riding?

The landing gear does not go down by pushing any of the buttons while above 30 km/h. 


Will the motorcyle be damaged if it falls over after removing the rear protection bar?

The landing gear is made in the same length as the protection bar, providing the same security.

Wouldn't it be easier to buy a trike motorcycle instead of having the landing gear installed?

You can not enjoy the pleasure of two wheels with a trike motor. However, when the landing gear is stationary, the two-wheelers becomes trike and when it moves, it can be two wheels.


How do landing gears behave on a pit or angled ground?

The landing gear is completely independent of each other, only the landing gear in contact with the ground will stop, keeping the motorcycle leveled.


The angle of the motor deteriorates when it passes from flat ground to uneven ground. Wouldn't it be difficult to accelerate with an out-of-angle motorcycle?

With the angle button on the panel, the angle of the motorcycle can be adjusted continuously, while the landing gear is down and in motion (each touch 1 degree), maximum. 8 degree.


Are the landing gear hydraulic or pneumatic, do you have a hydraulic unit or compressor that takes up space in the trunk?

Our landing gear is a high-tech electromechanical system. There are no items in the trunk.


How do I the lift up landing gear in the event of a malfunction?

It is designed in such a way that the landing gear can be moved up and down with the manual switch in case of a possible malfunction.


What kind of a problem does it create if the landing gear doesn't understand that a possible part is touching the ground in case of a malfunction?

All security elements are designed in three ways. If the device that senses the landing gear contact with the ground fails, the load sensing system is being activated. It detects the load and stops the landing gear. If that is broken also, the distance measuring system is being activated and If it is also broken, the distance measuring system is designed to prevent the landing gear opening more than it is supposed to. 


If I lower and raise the landing gear a lot with the ignition off, will it drain the battery?

The landing gear control panel constantly checks your battery. If you run a lot while stopped, if your battery goes below 11 volts, the landing gear will turn off its own energy so that the motorcycle can start, protecting your battery.

If I leave the motorcycle on the landing gear and someone pushes the button, will the landing gear go up?

15 seconds after the motorcyle is stopped. Then it automatically turns off the power of the landing gear, none of the buttons work.


Do the landing gear rub the ground on sharp turns?

Dorjet landing gear is produced by making road bend calculations. Landing gear is mounted on the same level as the foot peg. If the pegs rubs against the road, so does the lending gear.

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